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Ayia Marina’s Life

Ayia Marina was born in Antioxeia Pisidias, in the 3rd century A.D by idolater parents. Her mother died when Marina was very young and she was raised by a Christian woman. Thus, Marina found herself from a very young age in a Christian environment. At the age of fifteen, she revealed to her father that she was a Christian. Her father was astonished and not knowing what to do to change her mind, he denounced his daughter to the provincial governor, Olimvrios.

The provincial governor ordered her arrest so she could be questioned. Marina boldly confessed that she was a Christian. The governor tried to convince her to become an idolater to no effect. It was then ordered that Marina would be imprisoned. She suffered many tortures in prison, each being worse than the previous one. However, Ayia Marina did not yield to any tortures. No torture was strong enough to make her change religion.

When Olimvrios called her a second time and saw that it was impossible to make her change religion, he burned her by using church candles. Her wounds were miraculously cured and many of the people who witnessed this event became Christians.

Olimvrios who had realised the threat that Ayia Marina posed to idolatry, beheaded her.

Ayia Marina is celebrated on the 17th of July. The eparch of Paphos is present at the Vespers and a feast takes place.



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