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Ayios Onisiforos Life

Ayios Onisiforos was born and raised in Constantinople. His environment helped him develop a proper and whole personality. He was a devout, moral, wise and sensible man. These personal qualities helped him become Vice-admiral where he served his country until something happened and changed his whole life.

During a sea battle, all the ships sunk besides one, the ship he was on. After this event, he decided to dedicate his life to God. Along with ten other men, he disembarked at Paphos and each man followed his way to discipline.

Passing by Anarita, Ayios Onisiforos noticed a cave, which was ideal for him to pray and discipline.

The cave became his house and he practiced everything he promised God he would. He fasted, sat up all night and prayed to God.

He reached a level of perfection, which allowed him to receive the Lord’s gracefulness. He became a Saint, a person through which people found their spiritual way to God.

Even after his death, he continued to be the means through which people communicate with God.

He sends away evil spirits, cures cancer, leprosy and other diseases.


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