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Dear Friends

For sure we should consider ourselves very lucky living in the season, where technology has achieved great things and is at high levels.

Our concern should be its exploitation for virtuous aims, for the profit of humanity in various sectors.

The Internet, is a source of inexhaustible information through the new technology.

For this reason our community, wanting to develop this occasion given to it for further briefing about the community, decided to create its own web page in the Internet.

Through our web page, you will have the occasion to learn where our community is found, how many are its residents, its history, its traditions, its churches, the occupations of the persons that live here, learn about anything that exists in Anarita and could also interest anyone, for aims of employment, investment or even for a simple visit.

Therefore I would like to welcome you in the web page of our community and I prompt you not to hesitate to come in contact with us for any information that may help you to learn better our community.

Best Regards,

Michalis Nikandrou

President of Anarita

Community Council


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