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1.     Infrastructure Works

a) Road network

More than 14 km of roads have been overlaid with premix in our community.  

Within the administrative borders of our community are more than 60 km of agricultural roads which are constantly maintained.  

b) Sewerage  

We have constructed two large rainwater sewerage systems.

The first one is located on Rodostheni Alexandrou Street and spreads from the Community Council offices up until the COOP’s offices and on Archbishop Makarios Street spreading from the COOP’s offices up until Yiannos Kranidiotis Street until it terminates in the nearest stream. This sewerage system is 250 metres long. 

The second system was built on Andreas Georgiou Street and is 230 metres long.

c) Flood Protection

We have constructed several bridges on roads within and outside the built-up area of the community.

d) Pavements

We have constructed or reconstructed pavements along Agias Marinas, Yiannos Kranidiotis, Costas Carnavalos, Grivas Dighenis and Archbishop Makarios Streets, and along other streets as well.

e) Construction of Road Humps  

We have constructed four road humps on Archbishop Makarios Street, two on Rodosthenis Alexandrou Street, two on Agias Marinas Street and three at the location Elioudia.

Horizontal and vertical road setting has also taken place. 

2.     Water Supply

When we assumed our duties, the Community Council owed a substantial amount of money to the Water Development Department due to the multiple leaks in the water supply network and the lacking control and charge of the water meters. So, we immediately began repairing the malfunctions, we replaced all old and faulty water meters and installed new meters where a meter had not been installed before. As a result of all the above actions we managed, in a short time, to increase our water supply income and repay the debt in two years.   

Next, the water supply pipelines were expanded to various areas, while a new 500-tonne water tank was built to store larger quantities of water.

3.     Beautification

The Community Council has beautified several retaining walls or fencing walls which cover a surface of hundreds of metres by lining them with stone.  

These are located outside the primary school, the community buildings, along Agias Marinas Street and along Andreas Tselepos Street. 

The Council has covered all the expenses for the beautification of the wall surrounding the church of Agia Marina.

Beautification has also taken place both at the roundabout and the cemetery where a kiosk and a large square / car park have been constructed.   

4.     Cleanliness

One of the first decisions we took as soon as we assumed our duties in 2002 was to clean the plots located within the residential area since they hadn’t been cleaned in the past. Since then, the Community Council undertakes the cleaning of the plots every April and charges the owners accordingly.

Cleanliness works along public roads, in greenery areas and other public spaces are conducted by the staff of the Council on a daily basis. We have established a pruning disposal area from where the Council undertakes the transfer of pruning to the landfills.

We also inform the public about certain dates during which we undertake the transfer of old electronic appliances and small furniture so that these will not be disposed of in open plots or streams.

5.     Creation of parks and greenery areas

Until 2002, when we assumed duties, our community had no parks or greenery areas. Therefore, in 2002 and in cooperation with the Reforestation Department we planted hundreds of trees on six thousand square metres of land located on the foothills of mount “Kapparovounos”. As a result of systematic care the trees grew up and now this excursion site with the panoramic view can offer visitors and the residents of the community a pleasant time. Greenery areas were also created in the area surrounding the church of Agios Onisiforos, on Agias Marinas Street, at the Church of Agios Epifanios, on the two sides of Agios Onisiforos Street beginning at the church and up to the fodder factory, at the primary school and the roundabout.   

More than 1500 trees and bushes have been planted in all the above areas.

The effort for the creation of more greenery areas will continue and become intensified in the future.

The Community Council is making efforts to lease 26 thousand square metres of state land at the location “Kapparovounos” to create a large park and an excursion site.

Creation of playgrounds

A playground with facilities has already been created on Andreas Tselepos Street. Efforts will be made to locate other appropriate spaces for the creation of playgrounds in other neighbourhoods as well.

6.     Purchases of vehicles and various machineries

When I assumed duties the Community Council did not even own a screwdriver. Today, we own three vehicles, a fire truck, a saloon and a truck, as well as all the necessary machineries and tools the Council staff requires to work efficiently to serve the citizens. 

7.     Street lighting – illumination of squares and public buildings

We have expanded the street lighting along several streets. The conventional sodium high-pressure bulbs have been replaced along main streets to provide more light, while the Community Buildings, the Fallen Monument, the Church of Agia Marina, the park on Agias Marinas Street and our two squares have been illuminated.    

8.     Sports

We have constructed a football pitch and the expenditure was entirely covered by the Community Council’s funds. We prepared blueprints, submitted them to the Department of Town Planning and Housing and we are waiting for a permit to be issued to proceed with the fencing of the pitch, the construction of dressing rooms and other subsidiary spaces.

Included in our future plans is the construction of stands, of an indoor sports arena, of parking places and a greenery area on the same plot (on a surface of 36 square kilometres). We have founded an Athletic Association and a football team which participates in the Agricultural Championship. The team’s operation expenses are entirely covered by Community Council funds.

The Council also covers the expenses for the Sports for All scheme under which the children of the community do sports guided by a Physical Education teacher, as well as the expenses for the Sports and Woman scheme.

9.     Studies and Plans  

The Council has received tenders and has requested the preparation of studies by various firms which have been used or will be used shortly for the preparation of blueprints for the construction of various projects in our community such as:

  • General Development Plan of Anarita (Μaster Plan)

The Community Council has had a General Development Plan for the community prepared.

The aim of the study is to:

-         Prepare a Strategic Development Plan of the areas.

-         To process the implementation procedure for the Strategic Plan and to identify the necessary projects, mechanisms and implementation procedures.   

  • Surveying works on the road leading from Anarita to Timi for the improvement of this road, on Rodosthenis Alexandrou Street and on Archbishop Makarios Street, on the piece of land which will be separated to create plots for poor families and elsewhere. 
  • Tenders have been requested by experts for the preparation of a hydraulic and hydrological study, as well as the preparation of construction blueprints for a sewerage system which will be processing rainwater coming for the New Recruit Training Centre and the refinery area.
  • Blueprints and other studies have been prepared so that permits will be issued for the construction of a “Creative Activity Centre for Inactive Population”.

All the above and several other studies and blueprints the Council has prepared and for which tens of thousands of euros have been paid will assist in the construction of several projects within the next few years.

10. Events

Included among the Community Council’s held events are lectures on various issues, pilgrimages, Christmas events for children, a community annual dancing party, summer theatrical performances, an annual blood donation in cooperation with the Developmental Association and  a national memorial dedicated to the five heroes of our community.   

11.  Awards

Each year the Community Council awards the top three Lyceum Third Form students from our community for achieving top grades and presents them with an honorary plaque and a monetary award.  

12. Review of Town Planning Zones

a)    Residential – Tourist

We have managed to expand the Residential and Tourist Zones of our community by hundreds of square kilometres.

We have requested and we hope that our motion for the expansion of these zones to other areas of our community will be satisfied so that more land owners will be given the opportunity to develop their properties. 

b) Live-Stock Breeding Zones  

During the last review of the Town Planning Zones in 2006 we achieved in establishing a new Live-Stock Breeding Zone away from the residential area of our community.

The compensation offered from time to time by the state for the relocation of noisy live-stock breeding premises allows stock breeders to move to the new Live-Stock Breeding Area if they wish to do so.

b) Ζ3 Zone Protected Landscape (White Zone)

We have managed to reduce the above Zone by approximately 1000 square kilometres and our goal is to continue our efforts to further reduce this zone on the eastern side of the community.   

This Zone needs to be abrogated in two other small areas of our community since its existence is not justifiable.  


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